Prepare assessment test to apply study in Germany for Indonesian

Apply study in Germany for Indonesian

As Indonesia school leaving certificate is unable to apply directly to a German university, so it needs to take a qualification assessment test to study in Germany for Indonesian students. This assessment test will take a lot of tests and you will need to take a preparation course to increase your opportunity to pass the test.

Preparation courses

The preparation courses are offered in general universities and also universities of applied sciences. However, not all universities are offered the preparation course. The courses itself cover various topics or prepare students for the specific subject areas. If a student takes an exam at the University of applied science, then he will be able to study only at University of applied science. If a student takes a sit into general university, then he can study at both. The admission needs to fulfill into the preparatory course:

  •    Good knowledge to German
  •    Valid visa
  •    Proof of financial support

Language course

It is important to know the German language skills when you are interested to study in Germany for Indonesian. There are various types of language school in German. Although the university or program you take is English taught, it is always necessary for you to have good German language as daily interaction.

Assessment test

The preparatory course usually takes at least 2 semesters and usually it almost free. As a participant of the course, you should pat the semester contribution. Each week, you accept 28 to 32-week teaching. If the level of you is good, then you can take the test after you finish one semester. The assessment test consists of several subjects that important for the later subject of a study and language test is one of them.

Another preparatory course

The preparatory course is no need to take if the student takes a master degree. However, they can take the foundation course. This is the preparation course that prepares the student with linguistic and technically to a specific course of study.

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